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    Orthosports Medical Center Addiyar Building, 5-58b Street Al Wasl, Sheik Zayed Road,UAE   ,    +971 04 345 0601     Get in touch
  • The sharpest Orthopedic minds, and
    Most cutting-edge technology.


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  • Flat feet? Back aches? Growth pain?
    Frequent ankle or knee injuries?


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  • A boutique more personalized clinic.
    Now that is refreshing!


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  • Trusted Orthopedic Professionals.
    Truly compassionate hearts.


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Top technology

We use the most innovative orthopedic technology available. We have all the newest options for tendon injury treatment, and offer PRP injections that greatly speed up wound and soft tissue healing.

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Experts with empathy

We get it. All you really want is to get back to being active, and living life. Our team of experienced, proven professionals is here to make that happen as smoothly and as painless as possible...

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Convenient Location

Orthosports Medical Center is situated near Dubai Canal - Business Bay, just 5 minutes away from Emarat Atrium at a convenient easy-to-find location with plenty of parking throughout the day.

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Orthosports Medical Center offers the a wide range of innovative orthopedic options and services. 


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