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Orthosports Medical Center

Big orthopedic treatment facilities have popped up everywhere. The problem? They’ve been operating only a short time and are missing two vital qualities – experience and compassion.

That’s why Orthosports Medical Center is in a class of its own. For over 17 years we’ve provided people in Dubai with top quality orthopedic care and amazing results. And we always abide by a higher code of humanity. No desensitized human robots here. Nope. Just genuine, true professionals treating you like family instead of a number.

True, we put our patients first. But that doesn’t mean we’re behind in orthopedic technology. We use the most advanced orthopedic treatments and procedures to date. Whether you’re an avid athlete, or an active everyday person, Orthosports has the capability and technology to address all your tendon, ligament, and bone injuries.

From orthopedic X-Rays, to routine exams, we treat and diagnose all our patients with the care, empathy, and expertise acquired over our 15 years of serving Dubai.

How we do it

  • Nearly two decades of experience as orthopedic/sports medicine professionals in Dubai
  • A smaller facility, which means we’re more focused on every patient.
  • A handpicked, top-notch staff that radiates expertise and treats you like family
  • Fewer employees, so you’ll come to know all our faces and quirks
  • Warm smiles and kindness waiting around every corner because we truly love what we do

We’re not here to simply identify and treat sporting and activity injuries. We’re here to give our patients a 360 degree examination. That includes lifestyle and risk factor assessments like volume of activity, overall health, and potential ways to avoid any future injuries. We do it all, with passion, purpose, and kindness. 


Over the last two decades we’ve provided outstanding orthopedic care for serious athletes, and every-day active people in Dubai. And although we’re humble at heart, it’s safe to say we’ve earned our fair share of praise.

Take a peek at some of our patient testimonials and see for yourself ...

“Injured my knee some time ago! Its amazing to finally meet a team of orthopedic surgeons who’s first option is not to operate unnecessarily!! Was introduced to the EPTE treatment which worked phenomenally, within a couple weeks felt a difference and it took around 6 weeks of the treatment to feel like i am back to normal; after having suffered from this injury for over a year and a half! I would recommend both this clinic and treatment for people who have tendonitis and any other sports injury! Not to mention their physio team is amazing, Cathy has helped me slash my recovery time and has been nothing but amazing!”

Ahmed Makkawi

“After suffering a major ankle injury, Dr Kazim helped with the post surgery rehabilitation – what I liked specifically was the advise/treatment of the injury in a way that aided and enabled the healing process. Far too many doctors simply provide drugs, at Orthosports I was provided the correct advice.”

Chris Morley