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    Sports Massage Services

    We are a team of sports massage therapists in Dubai who specialize in muscular-skeletal injuries and treatment. Orthosports Medical Center offers effective Sports Massage Therapy Dubai with an extensive range of scientifically-backed medical interventions which will get you to back to your optimal fitness quickly. We specialize in sports injuries and posture pain and pride ourselves on dramatically reducing the number of sessions our client requires through our effective therapy combination of neuromuscular re-education and professional sports massage.

    We offer the Best Sports Massage in Dubai with an all-exclusive range of therapeutic treatments. The comprehensive treatments we offer are customized to treat a wide range of sports-based injuries. The therapies are designed in a way that it not only heals the affected area quickly but also improves the recovery, making the area flexible and strong.

    Orthosports Sports Massage in Dubai aims to work with you to find the treatments that suit your sporting-work-life balance. Athletes and sportsmen are prone to different injuries on and off the field. We work on treating the symptoms and correcting the cause so whether you are a social exerciser, an elite athlete or someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle if you have an injury or pain, we can help.

    Medical Facility Highlights
    Optimize Your Recovery
    Whatever your injury, our team of Sports Massage Therapy Dubai is here to help find the best possible treatment that will optimize your injury and get you fit as quick as possible. Our team of sports therapists has been handpicked based on their education, expertise, and unique skills within the sports injury industry, making each personality ideal to help you through your journey.
    For An Athlete, Energy Is Everything
    Sports Massage in Dubai is focused on deep-tissue massage to increase the size and number of new mitochondria. An increase in mitochondria can help an athlete to improve his/her performance and endurance by increasing the rate of oxygen utilized by the muscles.
    To The Body, Oxygen Is Everything

    The Best Sports Massage in Dubai is focused on increasing the range of motion in muscles and decreasing the recovery time between the athletic events or workouts.

    Sports Massage Therapy Dubai not only focuses on existing injuries but also works on the prevention of injuries. We advise our patients and clients to get a massage therapy before conditioning training as it can help prevent injuries and it is something that should be governed after warm-up sessions. Moreover, sports massage can also help in preventing common injuries when performed after a training session. Sports Massage in Dubai is centered at regulating perfect oxygen flow to the body as it helps the muscles and tissue to return to their relaxed state.

    Manual Therapy
    Best Sports Massage In Dubai – Beneficial To More Than Muscles

    Muscles are the richest benefactors of a sports massage but our clients report a feeling of enhanced activeness, improved mood, reduced anxiety and pure relaxation following a massage. With Orthosports Sports Massage Therapy Dubai, the athletes find an edge in the mentioned psychological benefits, making our therapies a double-duty treatment – body and mind therapy. Our experts at Orthosports have compiled research that indicates that sports massage therapy can:

    • Improve the muscle flexibility
    • Stabilize the cortisol levels
    • Improve the connective tissue healing
    • Relieve muscle pain and tension
    • Increase the blood flow throughout the body
    • Improve Mood
    • Lower the anxiety
    • Rehabilitate an injury
    • Reduce the recovery time after an injury
    • Lower the blood pressure
    • Reduce the heart rate
    • And improve the quality of sleep
    Orthosports Massage Techniques

    Each athletic event and sport uses muscle group in a different way. Our sports massage therapists are familiar with each muscle including the muscle groups and how they are affected by the stresses and specific movements of each sport. Sports Massage in Dubai frequently includes the use of one or more of the following techniques:

    • Compression Massage : Best Sports Massage in Dubai uses rhythmic compression into muscles for creating a softening effect and deep hyperemia in the tissues. We generally prescribe this massage technique to the athletes as a warm-up for more specific and deeper massage work.
    • Cross-Fiber Massage : In this massage type, our therapists apply friction techniques in a general manner for creating a broadening and stretching effect in connective tissue, on-site specific muscle, or large muscle groups. It is followed by a deep transverse friction for reducing the adhesion and creating flexible, strong repair during the healing process.
    • Trigger Point Massage: This type of Sports Massage Therapy Dubai uses a combined positioning and thumb pressure into the trigger points in connective tissue and muscles for reducing muscle spasms, hypersensitivity, and referred pain patterns.
    • Lymphatic Massage: Our therapists work on the stimulation of specialized lymphatic-drainage pathways for improving the body’s removal of effusion and edemas.
    When Should You Get A Sports Massage?

    Our experts at Orthosports Medical Center advice that the athletes should get sports therapy massage three times a week and before any big event. This can help the body get enough time in flushing out the byproducts. For social exercisers, a simple massage of the body can help reduce soreness and prevent future injuries.

    Book an Appointment with Dubai's most exclusive Sports Massage Center with highly trained and professional sports massage therapists. Sports Massage helps in relieving tightness and tension, improving blood flow and flexibility, breaking down scar tissue and to reduce inflammation and swelling.

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    What Are People Saying About Us
    Samih NajaSamih Naja
    15:47 17 Jun 23
    Went to the sports physiotherapy session with Glen and he was simply amazing!! Knew exactly how to... heal my weak points and ameliorate my flexibility while helping me heal my injured knee!! Thank you! Definitely will be coming back!!read more
    I went to Orthosports as I had 2 injuries in my ankle and hip, Jonathan was the treating physio. I... had a great experience overall and most importantly I was fully recovered. They are very well equipped and have all the tools to support the recovery process. Jonathan was great and provided the right treatment, he was taking into consideration my races and treating the injuries in a way that would allow me to race. Now I’m fully recovered thanks to more
    Alexander SidorovAlexander Sidorov
    10:03 11 May 23
    I've had knee problems for a decade. I've tried to find a solution in Germany but it did not work... out. In OrthoSports I was offered a two-stages plan, it took almost I year but I finally feel great. It's hard to overstate how much of a difference in life it makes. What really made a difference for me, is how closely a surgeon and physio therapist work together, exchange ideas, etc. In my opinion it should be a standard approach but somehow I haven't seen it implemented this way even in the best clinics in more
    Haitham ElshafieHaitham Elshafie
    18:53 09 Feb 23
    I had shoulder dislocation since last 5 months. I visited Dr Musa who advised me to atart... physiotherapy sessions and avoid any operation as advised by other doctors in other place. His level of expertise and handling me as a patient is in incredible. He also never exaggerat in requirments unless it is really needed. I started my physio sessions with Leena Zakout. She is simply amazing. She is a very professional, patient to listen to all my concerns and explain properly the whole treatment plan which would require long time . She has great experience and knowledge. Now after all that period my shoulder has been fully treated and back to norm. Also all reception people and nurses team are doing great work with a smile and always willing to help. Thanks to all the team and strongly recommend whenever more
    A. SarriA. Sarri
    18:58 31 Jan 18
    Definitely the best Sports medicine center in UAE. Lovely staff and warm atmosphere.