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The point where your thigh connects with your leg – The Knee – is an important part of your lower extremity. This part of the body that bends your lower extremity makes walking, sitting, running, and basically activities of daily living easy. Have you tried walking, sitting, or even climbing up the stairs with unbended knee or stiff knee? Difficult, right? Stating that it’s a joint where bones meet, there is sliding and gliding as you bend your knees. Having this kind of movement, the knee needs to have all the cartilage, ligament, muscles, and tendons intact to function normally without pain.

knee anatomy


If you are experiencing knee pain or problems, trust the experts at Orthosports Medical Center to help you get fit and healthy.In the following section, we discuss different types of knee injuries, the signs and symptoms and how they are treated, and how to prevent a hip injury.

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