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Dr. Moosa Kazim

Orthopedic Surgeon | Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. Kazim received his training at one of the most prestigious North American residency programs – the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He has specialty training under world renowned doctors such as Dr. Peter Fowler, Dr. Richard Hawkins, and Dr. Sigvard Hansen.

Dr. Mohamed Abou Koutah

Spine Surgeon | Sports Medicine Specialist

Mohamed Abou Koutah, Sports Medicine is a graduate of University of Cologne, Germany. He trained in sports medicine, orthopedics and traumatology at the Medical Association of Westphalia-Lippe, Münster- Germany and orthopedic surgery in joint replacement and arthroscopy as well as trauma at Medical Association of North Rhein- Dusseldorf, Germany.

Areas of Specialization

The center provides specialized treatment in injuries related to


Back & Spine








Orthosports Medical Center is home to some of the Best Orthopedic Doctors and Orthopedics specialists in Dubai.  Orthosports’ network of orthopedic surgeons and specialists offers the most comprehensive range of orthopedic services in Dubai to prevent and correct injuries and disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments. At Orthosports’ facilities, no surgical procedure or illness is considered too small. Skilled surgeons perform both standard and highly specialized procedures.

We offer comprehensive medical care so you can rest assured that no matter what happens during your procedure, we have the experience and technology to handle it appropriately. We strive to provide our patients with the most pleasant, safe and positive experience possible.

The Orthosports team is led by Dr Moosa Kazim, a reputed orthopedic surgeon in Dubai, who brings to the table an unmatchable expertise. Dr Mohamed Abou Koutah is another qualified orthopedic doctor in Dubai, who has great international exposure and is committed to his cause of helping people.