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Contrary to what we know as the “hips” when fitting trousers, science (anatomy) does not refer to the largest diameter you have below your waist; that is called the pelvic bone. The hips, in anatomy, is the joint where your thigh bone (femur) meets with the pelvis (hip bone). Just like the shoulder joint, this is also a ball-and-socket joint where the surfaces are covered by articular cartilages that cushions the bone ends to make it move easily.

We use our hips almost all the time. When we walk, sit, or twist our body, we move our hip joint. This joint is essential to us doing our activities of daily living.

Just like other joints, our hip joint may also suffer different problems such as the ones listed below. Depending on the condition and the need for treatment, we may offer these services with regard to your hip problems:

  • Corticosteroid injections (FAQs)
  • Hip replacement