NanoScope: First Ankle Arthroscopy in UAE

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We are proud to announce that Dr. Mohamed Abou Koutah, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, performed one of the first in the UAE an ankle arthroscopy with a new visualization device using Nano technology developed by Arthrex. The Needle Scope or NanoScope device allowed Dr. Mohamed to evaluate the cartilage as well as remove scar tissue and bone spur from the ankle of a patient minimally invasive throw tiny incisions.

Needle scopes allow visualization of joints and tendons under general or local anesthetic in an office or treatment room setting without large incisions. This will revolutionize how we diagnose and treat joint and sports injuries in the future. Cartilage injuries could be treated by biologic adjuncts to protect remaining cartilage and stimulate a physiologic repair. Minimally invasive procedures in joints like ankle, wrist or knee could be performed by tiny incision. Injuries of joints or tendons which not easy seen on MRI are immediately visible and can be treated at same sitting, while using Nano Technology.