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Integrated Sports Medicine

We offer a comprehensive integrative approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries (acute/chronic) or pain for athletes and non-athletes. Integrated sports medicine is often called upon to treat athletes, especially when there is a soft tissue problem that does not heal properly or when their circumstances demand quick recovery. Our doctors have helped in the swift rehabilitation of players and have also successfully treated numerous middle aged or even elderly former athletes who had lost the ability to play their favorite sport. Our specialists aim to help them regain their original levels of fitness.

We use a hands-on diagnostic technique that is unique and comprehensive. We have successfully diagnosed and treated many patients. We pride ourselves in the continual pursuit of knowledge, which allows us to provide our patients with the most up-to-date treatments and services.

Our orthopedic clinic provides the perfect environment for conducting a variety of physical therapy techniques. Our staff of physical therapists will work with you in a state of the art facility. The combination of our qualified therapists and well-equipped orthopedic hospital is what makes Orthosports the premier service provider in Dubai. We can help you reduce pain and improve your motor functions and performance. Our therapists are experienced in the treatment of all orthopedic diagnoses such as shoulder pain, knee pain, low back pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, and sprains/strains. Don’t condition yourself to a life of pain by blaming external factors such as age and weather. Walk in to our clinic for an evaluation and see if we can help.

The therapists at Orthosports are highly skilled in hands on treatment techniques. We utilize numerous different techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy techniques, PNF and manual stretching. These techniques in combination with the correct therapeutic exercise lead to positive outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Each patient undergoes a full evaluation by one of our skilled physical therapists. Treatment plans are designed on an individual basis. We tailor your program based upon your goals. Not all sports are the same, therefore not every patient should be treated the same. Our therapists pride themselves in their understanding of the individual sports and the kinesiology behind each sport required to play at the highest possible level.