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Health & Wellness

We aim to help you in achieving and maintaining good health irrespective of age or gender. Whether you are seeking responsive care or maintenance care, our experienced and highly qualified team is here to create an individualized plan that will best meet your needs. It is our goal to reach and educate as many people as possible on the profound positive effects that holistic medicine can have on improving one’s quality of life. Our aim is to make an inviting and innovative practice, with unsurpassed quality, that meets the health needs of the entire family. To that end, we have three major programs, tailor made for ensuring that you remain in the best of shape, mentally and physically!

Run Club

Running clubs/groups provide a great social network in an atmosphere that is supportive of your fitness goals. Local running groups typically offer a variety of activities such as beginning running programs, regular group or training runs, distance training programs, organized racing teams, local events calendar, and much more to meet your running need.


This club will provide you with premium True Core classes, true to the original method. Alleviate body pain, and improve your fitness with our dynamic class sessions, which are available at a variety of levels and at convenient class times. Our goal is simple: We want to bring this workout to every person, and ultimately provide them with a stronger body and a more balanced life.


Kids yoga is all about imaginative play, creativity, and fun. Watch your children learn more about yoga poses, breath, and fitness, all through fun interactive activities. Participants of these yoga classes will learn lifelong techniques to love themselves and one another while learning the positive benefits of being remaining collected and calm. Your kids will also learn poses that energize, motivate, and focus them.