Does Massage help athletes after exercise

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Sports massage is a therapy that was even common in old age and it is not restricted to athletes, but also common among non-athletes. Sports massage results in passive movement of body parts (especially muscles) by aiding proper blood circulation and relaxing the muscle cells. Sports Massage is a combination of:

  • Effleurage (sliding, circular movements),
  • Petrissage (deep tissue massage),
  • Friction (pressure application), and
  • Application of vibrations.

Sports massage not only provides physical relaxation but also the psychological one by controlling things like hypertension, depression, anxiety fatigue, and confusion. Sports massage can be explained as a way of ‘physical therapy’ which is used to aid an athlete’s recovery from intense exercise sessions, i.e., injury rehabilitation. It is also used to alter the recipient’s blood pressure. A slow and deep tissue massage that impacts tissue reduces the blood pressure, while a triggered massage increases the blood pressure. Well, the massage leads to better blood flow that further does circulatory changes at the injury portion. It can be justified after the change in skin temperature due to massage.

Generally, exercise makes the athlete feel tired, and then Sports massage is something that can provide a positive sense of resting down and overcoming muscular pain. The massage after exercise provides relief from muscle tension & stiffness, reduces muscular pain & swelling, and increases muscle flexibility and its range of motion. Moreover, sports massage also results in enhanced athletic performance as enough flexibility (by massage) will reduce the risk of injury. And in case of an injury, massage can help in better recovery as compared to the natural recovery process of the body.

Here are some best medical massage methods:

  • Craniosacral Therapy: This therapy method is done gently to release tensions deep in the body and ultimately relieve pain & dysfunction.
  • Therapeutic Massage: It is a deep tissue massage method used to heal tissue from injury faster and restore proper motion. This form of massage deals with varied pains, injuries & dysfunctions.
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Therapy: This form of massage deals with the problems in chewing muscle or jaw point. It relaxes the contracted muscles in the jaw radiating the pain in the face, jaw, or neck by enhancing blood circulation.

Moreover, sports massage can be reliable only for short-term results as one can feel relaxation in muscle movement after a set of massages but that can’t last long. For long-term results, an athlete must look for some more efficient methods other than a massage that can provide long-term flexibility. So, you can either recharge or renew your muscles using massage that has been stressed, injured or overworked due to your physical training program.

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