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The point as to where your upper extremity bends – the elbow – is a complex hinge joint. We say a “hinge” as it has the same movement as what we have in the hinges of our doors. It bends/flexes and extends up to 180 degrees. This is the point where the bone of your arm (humerus) and two bones of your forearm (radius and ulna) meets.

Just like other synovial joints, the ends of these bones are covered with cartilage. Synovial fluid is found in between these bones to serve as lubrication for us to obtain smooth flexion and extension of our elbow joint. To have a movement, we need to contract and to relax the muscles in our arms. As these muscles originate or inserts near the elbow, it is a common site of pain and injury. Additionally, as we use our elbows almost usually when we are doing our activities of daily living, we may develop pain or other conditions in this part of the body. Here is a list of common conditions one may develop in their elbow: