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 Ankle and Foot

The point where your leg connects with your foot is the ankle. This is where 2 bones of your leg, the shin bone (tibia) and a smaller one on the side (fibula) meets with the bone in your heel (talus). This joint allows the up-and-down as well as the side-to-side movement of your foot.

The foot, same with the wrist, is also composed of small bones at the mid foot level which then connects to the toes (phalanges). These bones are kept together with ligaments and tendons. Have you noticed how your foot changes in form when you raise it up and when you put it down against the floor? The foot is composed with these much bones to accommodate changes in footing or to adapt into the surface they are in. With this anatomy, it helps the foot keep the body in balance.

Your ankle and foot carry the weight of your whole body. As we use our foot to walk around to do the activities of daily living, it is prone to develop problems. We walk, we run, we jump with them. When we do too much, we develop pain. Here is a list of common problems one may have in their ankle/foot: