Dr. Gianlorenzo Daniele

Sports Medicine

Dr. Gianlorenzo Daniele is a specialist in Sport and Exercise Medicine, graduated from University of Rome. His previous experiences include being team doctor for professional teams (football and volleyball) and for Italian national teams, and responsible for medical assistance at International sport events. He had many clinical, research and training experiences abroad (in the USA, Germany, Spain, Eritrea) and was the Director of Sports Medicine Department at private clinic Polispecialistico Villa Musone (Loreto, Italy). He is currently the Director of Antidoping Services for the International Federation of Kickboxing (WAKO).
At Orthosports Medical Center, Dr Daniele performs pre-participation screening for athletes of any level, cardiac tests of 1st (ECG) and 2nd level (Stress test, Holter recording, 24-h blood pressure monitoring ABPM), functional and performance evaluations (V02 max and lactate analysis), exercise prescription for elderly adults and/or with medical conditions, first level orthopaedic evaluations, head concussion management.


Sports Cardiology, Exercise Physiology, Pre-partecipation Screening, Exercise Prescription, Intra-articular Injections, Mesotherapy

I have been in practice in Sports Medicine since 2010. I had training, clinical, research and teaching experiences in Spain, Germany, Eritrea, United States of America. I worked as Team Physician for National Teams and Professional Athletes in Soccer, Volleyball, Cycling, Combat Sports. I lecture on a regular basis and provide medical coverage in sport events of National and International interest. As Antidoping Director for an International Federation I believe in a fair, healthy and safe sport. My goal is to provide excellent medical care to athletes of any level and age, with a special focus on prevention.


  • Sports Medicine post-graduate course degree (Medical Specialty), May 2015, 50/50 and “magna cum laude” May 2015, Catholic University, Rome, Italy
  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery 110/110 and “magna cum laude , September 2009, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy


  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish


  • Official Certificate of Appreciation and Honor mention by Eritrean Sport Commission (5th July 2014)
  • “Rolando Bianchi” AWARD,by Panathlon Club and local section of Italian Olympic Committee, for the best graduation thesis in Sport Medicine (February 2011)
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