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Sedentary Behavior
Why Sedentary Behaviour or Sitting Too Much Is Bad For Your Health

Many of us spend long hours at work sitting at a desk and boosting one’s health can be quite challenging. In order to stay healthy or to improve health, you need to stay active daily. Sitting for long periods of time has negative implications to your health and if your work involves sitting a lot […]

Children Seeing A Podiatrist
Your Children’s Feet, Playing Sports, and Seeing a Podiatrist

All parents know that children are energetic in sports.  An active child enjoys to pursue continuous activities like running, jumping, and dancing. As soon as they start to walk, they are chasing balls, playing with sticks, moving rapidly and running around in an open space. Encouraging kids to stay active is now more important than […]

Prevent Running Injuries
4 Effective Ways to Prevent Common Running Injuries

  You are probably someone who takes a lot of exercise, possibly in the form of running. Running is a common fitness activity and it’s a great way to get in shape, but it can also lead to injuries that diminish pleasure in exercise. As the popularity of this activity continues to increase, knowing about […]

Back Pain
3 Best Ways to Address Back Pain, According to Science

  Back pain is a common health condition most people complain about. It is a result of an everyday activity or task done incorrectly –daily activities as common as bending from your waist, lifting heavy objects, and sitting at a computer in the same position for long hours. Back pain includes symptoms such as shooting […]

Sports Massage
5 Important Things Athletes Should Know About Sports Massage

When you are being trained to compete in sports, one problem that commonly haunts you is addressing physical injuries during the course of your training and exercise.  Have you experienced intense muscle strains or injuries caused by a strenuous activity beyond your ability to endure pain? Due to the growing number of people engaged in […]

Are your running shoes the right fit for you?

Running makes us feel great. That is probably why it is one of the most popular activities worldwide. Despite its many health benefits, studies have shown that about 65% of runners get lower limb injuries within a given year, furthermore, 50% of injuries are recurring! If you’re a keen runner, it is very likely that […]

Barefoot Running – Back to Basics

Looks like a new running technique is catching on lately. Let’s spend a few lines talking about that. What is this barefoot or forefoot running technique? How can it be that treading like running barefoot can we lessen the impact on our body? We will try to explain this a bit… Running is an activity […]

Forefoot Running – The Running Technique Gaining Speed

Recalling the previous post, we need to remember that the tread should be relaxed, initially falling on the ball of the foot with knee and hip slightly bent, then let the heel down under control of the calf muscles while our body moves forward and passes over our foot. This stretches the Achilles tendon and […]