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X-ray Services

What’s the better way to assist your doctor’s evaluation of your condition?

X-ray imaging or sometimes called radiography is a type of electromagnetic radiation used to capture images. It is used to define bodily structures especially your bones. With this imaging, your orthopedic surgeon can see your bone formation, the spaces in between them; and thus, it will help him come up to an accurate diagnosis for your condition.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Important Note: Please inform the radiographer/technician and your doctor if you are pregnant, suspecting to be pregnant, or if you have metallic implants.

This procedure will only take a few minutes and no other special preparations are needed.

Jewelries and metallic accents on your underwear may be asked to be removed for it might distort/blur the images.

Our radiographer/technician is a highly trained personnel and is very knowledgeable about our service. Should you have questions or concerns for this procedure, please feel free to talk to our technician. She is always willing to clear out queries any time.

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